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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day14 / 90 day trial : 3.4 lbs lost (half what was predicted)

That's it ! I am starting my 3rd weeks of green coffee bean extract.


1st week:
4.6 lbs lost the first week without doing anything but took back 3.6 lbs within 2 days.

2nd week:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day10: 90 days trial, counting my calories to accelerate my weight loss

I feel so frustrated and do not understand why my weight loss does not keep on. I have weighted myself all the week-end and on Saturday (we are Thursday today) my weight increased and has been stable and high since!!! 

For some unexplained reasons! I had lost about 4 pounds in less than a week, was happy and hoping for the best, but my weight increased of 3 pounds, leaving me with a low score of only 1 pound lost, which is far below the object if of 3 to 5 pounds a week. 

I have taken my green coffee extract very consistently though and do not understand why this is happening to me. I am still in the middle of my pills and should not be taking water weight due to my periods!!!!!!!

One of my best friends has managed to lose 9 pounds in 3 weeks and I am stuck with my 1 lbs when I should have lost close to 8 pounds now!!!!!!!!!

So I have decided to Fight and reduce my food intake ore significantly. Livestrong website has some advises regarding a 4 lbs/week diet. See link :

1. you have to calculate how many calories a day you should be eating using the formula provided below.
Females use a different equation:
655 + (4.7 x height) + (4.35 x weight) - (4.7 x age) 
Read more:

According to this calculation, my Calories allowance per day should be no more than : 1430/day to maintain my weight.

2. you have to reduce your diet of 500 calories per day for each lb of fat lost per week. So, if I want to loose 4 lbs a week, it means I have to reduce my calories intake of 2000 calories... Impossible!!!!!!!!!
I have decided to target to loose 2 lbs a week instead and cut only 1000 calories per day, leaving me with 430 calories per day. Does that sound realistic? Not really!!!!

3. I am going to try to write my menu for everyday in order not to start craving and eating any junk food available. I am planning to eat a lot of greens, vegetables, tofu, edamame, low fat dairy and some lights fruits: pears, oranges, grapefruits and reduce meat to poultry with no more than 6oz/meal.

I am working on my weekly diet right now and will share as soon as available.
Also, NO chocolate cake for today, even if it is Valentines day.
Finally, I have also joined a gym and went exercising everyday since Monday, 4 days, so far!

If you have already tried green coffee bean extract, please share your experiences with me. have I been doing something wrong? I am desperate to lose my extra 25 pounds and really need it to work this time.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 6 - 90 days trial Constipated&Plateauing

Day 6:

I have been very good at taking my drops under my tongues as specified 3 times a day, during meals, yet I haven't really reduced my food intake during the week end. 
This is probably the reason why my wight hasn't moved for the last 2 days. 

It is Sunday evening and I have decided to try to get a new start tomorrow. I will try to take smaller amount of food, more vegetables and less sweet. I feel that I have also eaten more because the outside temperatures went down drastically this week end. 

I have noticed that since I have started this program, I often feel cold and have chills.
I guess that this is due to the weight loss.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 5 - 90 days trials: Am I plateauing already?

Day 5: Plateauing?

I have eaten pizza last night, is it the reason why my weight didn't change at all since yesterday? 
I also had a full breakfast, with bread, butter, tomatoes, eggs and jam.......

I feel good and feel less tight in my jean. I want this dream to keep on. I am terrified to think that this might be the end of it. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 4 - 90 day trial 1st week target reached: 3lbs lost

1st week Target: reached!
Xtreme green coffee beans claim that you can loose between                                       3 to 5lbs a week: That's done!
I weighted myself this morning and I was at 150.6 lbs (vs 154.6lbs on Monday night).
I am glad I am writing this blog now. I feel that I do really want to share this. 

Loosing weight this way is definitely an easy process: no frustration, no need for excessive exercising and it works fast!

My Doubts:
I got the feeling that this is too good to be true!
I really hope that I am not putting myself at risk. I hope that there won't be any side effect or long term use effects. I haven't read any scientific controversy yet but this is maybe too early. I know I have to behave carefully, avoid excessive use and make sure I do not hesitate to see a doctor f I don't feel good.

My Diet:
Breakfast: warm english muffin, no butter
Morning snack:skinny latte
Lunch: japanese rolls 10 pieces + 6 chocolate macaroons + tea
Dinner: 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza, 1 glass of white wine, green salad, crackers and deep, grapefruits, nuts, chocolate cakes. (This is far too much compared to my ideal retreicted objective).

My tips of the week: for all the Xtreme green coffee beans users

  1. I have noticed that if I take the drops 20' before a meal, then I become very hungry and eat more than if I take my drops at the beginning of my meal.
  2. Initially, the adviser I had on the phone suggested to take the green coffee extract twice a day, before breakfast and dinner. Yet, the leaflet mentions to take drops during meals. I have finally decided to take my drops at the beginning of each meal. 
  3. I feel cold and I am tired too. Get prepared, plan some quiet and easy time.

The Contract - What to do to get $5 per lost pound

with XTREME GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT Completion Form and Affidavit
First Name:_______________________ Last Name:____________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________ Email:____________________________________________ Birthday:______/______/________
Start Date of the Challenge:_____/_____/______ End Date of the Challenge:____/____/______ Beginning Weight:_______ Current Weight:_______ Pounds lost during the Program:______ Height:_______ft. ________in. I used Xtreme Green Coffee Bean Extract for 3 months? Yes / No

(This section must be Notarized)
State of _______________________County of_________________________ before me this

___________________________ (name) personally appeared who, being duly sworn, deposes and says: I am the applicant for the Xtreme Green Coffee Bean Extract Lose Weight, Get Paid! Program and I have lost _____ pounds from __________date to _________date, while using Xtreme Green Coffee Bean Extract. The emailed and enclosed digital photographs are my actual before and after pictures.
_____________________________________ Personally Known OR Produced Identification Signature of Affiant
Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me this _________ day of _______________ 20_______, By ______________________________________________ (name of Affiant).
Notary Signature _______________________________________________________ Print Type or Stamp name of notary and address.
Notary Seal Here
1. You must be on the (Xtreme Green Coffee Bean Extract) Program for at least 90 days to be eligible for the program, to receive ($5 – five dollars) for every pound you lose.
2. When you receive (Xtreme
Green Coffee Bean Extract) be sure to follow all the instructions on each label of our products.
3. The day you receive (Xtreme
Green Coffee Bean Extract), Take 2-3 BEFORE photos, front, back, and side facing, of yourself before you start using (Xtreme Green Coffee Bean Extract).
4. One of those photos must show yourself on the scale with your current weight.
5. Use the product every day as directed for 90 days.
6. At the end of your 90 days, Take 3 AFTER photos, front, back, and side facing at the end of the 90 days.
7. One of those photos must show you on the scale with your current weight.
8. You must include a testimonial for (Xtreme
Green Coffee Bean Extract). You must enclose with your photos a written permission granting (Xtreme Green Coffee Bean Extract) the rights to post your photos on its website, and use them in any media available now or in the future; including, but not limited to: radio, television and print advertisements for the purpose of promoting the sale of (Xtreme Green Coffee Bean Extract).
Should we decide to use your photos in our advertisement campaign, we might need to verify the authenticity of your photos.
9. Send all 6 photos, your packing slip from each shipment you received, and the notarized form attached to:

Xtreme Green Coffee Bean Extract 1900 W. Chandler Blvd.
Suite #15104
Chandler, AZ 85224

10. You must send in the completed affidavit with correct notarization with your before/after pictures and packing slips to qualify for payment for weight lost during the program.
11. Before and After photo requirements:
Photos must be full body length, front facing, side facing and back with light or white background, wearing a swim suit or tight fitting workout clothes or outfit.

*Before and After Photos must be taken with either a 35mm Film and should include negatives, or digital camera with BEFORE and AFTER photos submitted on a disc. In order to be eligiblefor review, you have no more than 30 days from the last day of your 90 day program to mail in (postmarked) all materials.
Your payment check will be sent out within 30 days of receipt of all required materials if you have successfully qualified for the pay per pound program. You will receive ($5 per pound) for every pound you lose.

You will use these poses in both your ‘Before and After’ pictures so that we can easily see the full progress you’ve made during the 90 days. Only colored photos accepted.
1. Full body photo showing you from head to toe.
Adopt a comfortable stance, facing forward, with your arms at your sides, as someone takes the photo.
2. Profile photo showing your body from head to toe.
Using the same comfortable stance described above, simply turn to the side so we can see your entire body.
3. Photo taken from behind showing the back side of your body from head to toe. Again, using the relaxed stance described above, keep your arms comfortably at your sides as someone photographs your body from behind.
Dress Code for Photos
• Women must wear a two-piece bathing suit or a tight fitting outfit. • Men must wear form fitting swim trunks or a tighter fitting outfit. Rules for taking a quality photo:
1. Closely follow the instructions for each pose as outlined.
2. To ensure the best quality photos; if you are using a digital camera, set your camera to the ‘best’ image settings and make sure the person taking the photos knows how to use the camera.
Clear, focused pictures are essential.
Natural light is especially good for photos, so we suggest photographing yourself either in the morning or the late evening, with flash, when the sun is low, for maximum clarity and detail.
4. Be sure you are photographed against a PLAIN WHITE background - try to minimize any distractions. Also make sure there are no mirrors behind you when using a flash.
5. For digital or 35mm please submit printed photos that are 4x6 inches in size, along with the negatives/disc. Do Not Take Your Photos Outside, or in a poorly lit area. Always use a flash. Do not send us photos from your family album or the box in your closet, as your ‘Before’ or ‘After’ pictures. The impact of taking your ‘Before’ photos can be quite motivating and a few months later, your ‘After’ pictures will be just that much more rewarding. Once your personal transformation begins, you’ll want photographic evidence just to believe your own eyes. Feel free to take as many photos over the course of the Program that you, your family and friends wish to have in your albums to remember the process.

IMPORTANT: As people vary, so do weight loss results. As a sensible part of any weight loss program, reducing caloric intake and regular exercise are recommended. Please consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss program. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
The photos you take for the Program could literally be the end of your old self image! Please read all of the following instructions carefully. Failure to submit the proper ‘Before and After’ photo’s may disqualify you from payment 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 3 - 90 days trial - 1st signs of weight loss

I have decided to try to reduce my food intake as in a traditional diet. 

To try to control myself, I have decided to follow my food intake on the Fitnesspal App.
I am trying really hard not to eat to much bread, butter and sweets in general. Avoiding wine as well. Let's try for today at least.

My Diet:
Breakfast: one muffin and a decaf coffee: 100 calories
Morning snack: skinny coffee latte 50 cal
Lunch: veggie burger and vegetables:250 cal
Dinner: I had a glass of wine, some pasta, blue cheese and some crackers.

I feel guilty. I want to loose weight and know I should be more careful about what I eat.

Weight this morning: 69.6 kg /  153.4 lbs. About 1 lb lost in 48 hours, if I refer to monday night 70.2kg / 154.5lbs.

Not sure though, because on Monday night, I weighted myself before going to bed and this morning,  I weighted myself after breakfast.
I feel good though not swollen or no big belly sensation.

Later in the day, I feel a small stomach ache, I guess that this is do to my antibiotic (I have a tough cold).

Regarding my weight loss, Xtreme coffee beans claims that you can loose easily from 3 lbs to 5 lbs a week, which means that by Monday night, I should weight 68.7kg or less, or 151 lbs. Let's see!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 2 - 90 days trial

I woke up in a great shape thought I woke up early. I felt okay and had less issue with my sleep.

What I ate for Day 2:
I ate a muffin with butter and a decaf coffee for breakfast. Around 10:30, I felt very hungry so I took a cold tomato soup.
At noon, I went shopping and when I came back I ate cheese fresco and apricot marmalade with crackers.
Tonight I ate the same plus some pasta with salt and butter.

Far from a diet menu!!!!!! I feel hungry a lot and hereford, I feel that I have to be more careful with what I eat if I want to loose weight consistently.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 1 - 90 days trial

I took my first dose before dinner last night. Taste was not bad, similar to a light lemon taste.
I didn't really feel the fact that it is suppose to reduce my appetite. Yet, I wonder whether it has an effect on sleep: I couldn't sleep at all last night.

My 1st day "diet" meals:
This morning I took one dose around 7:15am and ate some ham around 8am.
I went to do some errance and went back home. Took some green coffee bean extract again. It was 11:30am. I am sick, a bad cold, yet feel super dynamic. I sadly also feel super hungry. I took a cheese bagel with some salmon and olive paste. After that I also ate 2 english muffin with butter. 

Effect of the green coffee bean extract:
I feel the diuretic power of the extract as well as its energetic boosting effect though I seem to have a deep hunger difficult to satisfy. I was planning to eat vegetables and light food but just feel too hungry for that.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Product received this afternoon

I am glad I received the product this afternoon because I feel really heavy and am eager to start dieting. 

What did I receive:
3 small bottles of a whitish liquid which does not taste bad and a small leaflet.

I am a little bit disappointed: the guy I talk to on the phone told me that i would have all the recommendation and details about the process in my package. The ad suggest to take half the content of the droplet tube during a meal 3 times a day when the guy I told to on the phone suggested to take 20 drops under the tongue 30minutes before breakfast and before dinner. 

I hope this is not too critical for the overall weight loss since the directions are quite different. I have decided to call customer service tomorrow to see if I can get any additional details or maybe even a website to refer to.

I took some photos and I weighed myself tonight. I weight 154.3 lbs. Three years ago, I was at the same point and managed to loose 24 pounds, yet I did took back my weight after a big stressful event and two moves. 

The weather is getting warmer and I feel even more the pressure of fitting in my old clothes. Even worse, one of my friend got me a nice dress in a light material and a  pinkish color in size medium. I tried it tonight: I can fit in but feel a little bit squeeze in. I need to loose weight if I want to be able to ware it this summer.
I still felt very hungry this evening .... but hope that when I start tomorrow, for good, I'll find the motivation to reduce my intake and keep on going to the gym.

Enrolled to be paid to lose weight! $5 per pound!!!

I can't believe I am doing this, but I just turned 40 and am open to anything to manage to loose weight without forced starvation, frustration and bulimic crisis here and then when you crave bread and butter so much that you cannot resist anymore to anything!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Magical Substance: Xtreme Green coffee bean extract

  • The Money: I will get paid $5 per pound I manage to loose
  • The Timeline: 90 days
  • The process: 20 drops of the green coffee bean extract under the tongue before breakfast and before dinner. 
  • How it works: The green coffee bean extract is supposed to reduce your fat cells and limit your appetite. It is also supposed to boost your metabolism. All together, if you watch your intake, just being reasonable without starving yourself and if you exercise a few times a week, this substance is supposed to accelerate your weight loss.
  • The Promise: Xtreme claims that If I follow the process described above, my weight loss should range from 3 to 5 lbs per week! This sounds like a lot! I guess that at some points you reach a limit otherwise, after 13 weeks of diet, I will have lost a minimum of 39 pounds to a maximum of 65 pounds...This already sounds as far too much!!!!!!!! I hope this product is not a scam!!!!!
  • My wish/My goal: I am just hoping to manage to loose a minimum of 20 pounds (I am trying to remain realistic) to a maximum of 30 pounds. 
  • My fears: I hope first that this whole contest in not a joke: I have heard an ad on the radio and have called the number to enter the contest. I have been asked to pay $99 dollars for a product supply of 3 months.  I was told I should receive the products within a week. First, Will I receive the product ? Second, if they are willing to pay so many people to loose pounds maybe it is not working that well...Maybe this is just a cheap Marketing campaign! Maybe they know that very few people will manage to reach their set goal and therefore this will cost them no money at all!!!!!!! but still had cost me $99! They announced that they ask customers to pay the product in advance otherwise they don't take the whole thing seriously and end up not following the process thoroughly.
  • Reassuring aspect: They claim that you have a 30 days trial for free: if after three weeks you haven't lost at least 3 lbs a week, you can call customer service and get fully reimbursed.

  • And After?:Stabilization..... an other aspect I am a little worried about... The guy I had on the phone didn't mention anything about how I should manage to maintain my weight loss in the long run. I hope that this is not a product that once you stop, your body just moves back to its previous metabolism and starts pilling up fat and lbs as fast as you lost them!!!!!!! because usually what happens then is that you end up gaining weight instead of loosing some!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets see! Trying this miracle product is the only way to go to check how efficient it can be! I'll try my best to maintain my weight loss.

TOOOO GOOOD TO BE TRUUUUE?????????????? I will try and check !!!!!!!!!

The more I write about it, the eager I am to start. I really need a good reshape before the spring and I would feel so good with 15/20 lbs less...

Before I start the diet and start sharing my experience on this blog, I want to make clear that writing this blog is my own and independent initiative. I have not been asked to do so nor have I been paid. I made a small search about the product after I purchase it over the phone and just wanted to make sure that I hadn't been abused over the phone by a fake customer service and a fake or harmful product, yet didn't find that much information about it. That's the reason why I have started this blog. I expect that many people have been, are or will be in the same position I was when I purchased the product: looking for efficiency proof and more generally interested in getting more information about this product and the diet. So here I am!